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Period Problem 101 (Ladies only post)

Hi ladies, Yes, i'm currently  home bound now. & i taught i do some catch up on my blogging.. It have been ages since i updated my blog about my personal life and how things are currently.. But most of you who know me, should know i have open my little home bakery which takers orders for normal and fondant cake, we also branch out to supplying cafes.. But this is not what i want to focus on today. (so if i have any guy readers, feel free to read this blog for your gf or any ladies surrounding you.. haha.. Don't worry i will leave those details out.. )
What i want to blog about my period problem i have been having since i was young.. I'm sure most of you have ons and offs on your menstrual cycle. Some regular some not so, some even have 3-4 months once or some have 2-3 times in a month.. for whatever your problem is, i think this blog will kinda help you with your situation i hope.. 

My problem

Okay, first of all, let me tell you about my problem... Since i got my period when i was 12.. Mine was irregular, it have never came on time and i could be bothered about keeping track.. some months come on time some months don't. I never taught it was a problem for me, and i just casually let it pass through out my teenage life..
But as i hit 20.. which is consider your young adult hood.. haha..
Period topics among aunties were quite common, and people tend to scare me saying like : " you know if you don't have regular menstrual cycle its hard for you to conceive and bla bla bla.. " Typical statement you receive from aunties.. but as usual just small talk and even though i was scared, but it was just for that few minutes and i easily i forgotten about it.. haha..

Then i had an unfortunate event happen to me, (i  shall not go into detail) but i was in an emotional state, and i drank and stay up late so often for almost 6 months and for after that six months i realize that i had not come my period for almost 4 months..
But with the usual me, i tend to let life and other things wash my worry about my problem that i was facing.. and 2 months has pass.. and still no sign of period coming up !
I was OMGGG! seriously..
Through this period (6 months) i was having on and off discomfort and could hardly be active in sports and any other daily activities.. I was usually having cramps and pain in my stomach and sometimes on bad days i even feel very weak and sometimes even feel like fainting.. & on top of everything throughout that 6 months i have this weird discomfort in my lungs area that was really weird was it was not connected to my uterus !  But i guess your body is connected as a whole right? haha

On the 6th month, cause it was so long ady, and i was really scared like hell.. (wth was wrong with my body..?!)  so i seek for spiritual and medical guidance..
On the Medical side, I went to Tung Shin Hospital, as there were famous for child delivery so i guess ladies part was their profession.. haha..
On my own, on a weekday, i went to made an appointment with a specialize so check my body condition.. (i know some of you might ask, maybe you're pregnant? and bla bla bla.. yes, receive questions like this so much from everyone.. how can i be pregnant, if i didn't do it?  I can't be mother Theresa right, being a virgin pregnant lady.. XD)   haha..

I hardly visit clinics and hospitals, unless its a serious case, i think i only visited hospital twice in my life including this means 3 times.. But anyways, it have been awhile and i wasn't sure what are the procedures like.. So i guess, the doctor had super many patients having menstrual problems and there might be 101 cause to your problem.. so with any standard procedures, he gave me an ultra sound to my uterus and gave me some pills for ladies problem.. i totally forgot what was the name.. but it was something strong, he also took my blood sample to test.. He said that there were only 3 possibilities.. 1. Irregular hormones
2. Pregnant
3. Cancer !
(the doctor says he ruled out pregnancy cause there was nothing in the ultrasound)

Yes, for 1 week of waiting for the result.. (in my mind i was like, i rather have a baby than getting cancer !! O.O)    i couldn't function properly throughout that week.. mentally worrying about the results! haihhhh.. thinking back about that moment.. seriously mental torture..

Then there was my spiritual side, which i have known throughout my life.. Many of my friends know i pray to a Japanese God.. HAHA.. but it's not a japanese God, Sukyo Mahikari is just Originated from Japan. It's really hard for me to explain everything on my blog.. but what i can tell you is that, Sukyo Mahikari is a Spiritual Organization which helps to promote unity with all religion in order for us to create a better civilization for us.. (simple way in putting it.. ) Ohhh yeah, & not forgetting members are also able to radiate true light from our palms, it's actually pretty cool !
Being able to give positive energy.. It's really something different.. If you're interested in visiting the place i will leave the address down below ya..

But anyways, continuing to my story.. With our modern society now, if you have any medical problems we only have doctors to give us answers about what is going on, and most of the time, they are as clueless as we are.. cause our body is so profound that sometimes it might not detect your problem your having until it's too late.. So i was really grateful that there was something else for me to turn to besides medical treatment.. Sukyo Mahikari has a way of letting know your problem from the spiritual aspect and not the physical..  Ahhh.. I know it sounds so deep... but the main purpose of receiving this positive energy is to return our body back to it's original condition ( & not to heal your sickness...)

I tried my best to receive positive energy as frequent as possible..

But despite all, i wanted my period just to come and i tried almost everything.. I was desperate !
People told me that product was good and drinking chinese herbs for ladies...
I tried and tired but still no result.. But i guess, there is no such thing as immediate cure.. you gotta work for it..

These was my outcome of all the drinking and late nights, i gain almost 8 kg from my usual weight and i felt constantly bloated ! Feeling so freaking unhealthy...

I finally got my results back and it was nothing..  Yes, i know i should be happy is not cancer.. but at the same time i was back to square one.. (not knowing my condition...) Doctor just gave me pregnancy pills and ask me to come back for consultation after a month.. Haihhh.. pregnancy pills ? Seriously?? i know there that it suppose to increase your hormones.. but i read the description of the leaflet and on the end it stated that, in long term consumption "might cause breast cancer !" 
OMG! i'm already suffering as it is, and i'm adding more of these rubbish into my body... no la.. i decided not to take it at all..

I know these sounds like a super long and draggy blog post.. but just bare with me. 

With much consistent effort with my food consumption, starting back my workout and consistent in going to the Sukyo Mahikari Center..
& My sis also gave me this Nutrilite EPO plus supplement ( which you can get from any Amway dealer or Amway headquarters..) that was the only pills i was willing to take, cause it was supplement.. sort of natural..

On the 8th month, my period FINALLY came !  OMG dear lord ! it came.. relieve i was ! hahhaa..

But the next step to all these was to trying to have a regular cycle and maintaining it..  MUCH EFFORT is needed.. girls, i know you might think its not a big deal, but once you got your period under control.. you will feel so much better ! physically, mentally and spiritually. hahaha..

So Here are my Solutions to your problemsssssssss:


reason for my constant food pictures on instagram..

Yeap, i know ! obvious answer.. i think you saw it coming.. But this is super essential.. I'm not trying to tell you to be some fit model or some fitness expert. 
It's really simple in being healthy, first of all.. you can eat whatever you want, and whenever you want, just make sure you eat 80%.. and not stuff your face with food until you die, even if you eat the healthiest food above your capacity you won't be healthy cause your over working your body.. 
& the other point is to stay away from process food as much as possible ! I know sometimes circumstances put you in the situation you have to eat process food, it's okay, just try not to make it a habit.. cause in the long run it will hurt your body.. things like fast food, can food, anything that is process.. just stay away.. 

Know you know why i suddenly post many of my meals on my instagram.. cause i cook most of my food. cause when you eat out it's hard to know what they really put in, cause nowadays if the food is tasty, then its means good food.. 

These are just the few meals you can see on my insta account.. if you're interested do follow me on my instagram @originalkerchi :D
If you're wondering i do cheat meal too.. how can i not! I'm a baker, and i bake cakes and sweet treats almost everyday.. T.T so it's hard for me to stay away from it.. haha..

This is one of my creation call O-tella. It's a oreo cheesecake with nutella mousse.. yeappp.. Yums in my tums..
If you're curious i baked at @edible.adventure.taste on instagram..

Other than food, your exercise. don't have to do something too hardcore if you can't. Maybe just allocated 2-3 times a week to do some cardio, yoga, stretching ... or whatever to wake up your body metabolism. So that is not in a dormant mode. 

Besides, staying active you will also need to have a positive lifestyle.. Especially in your beginning stage, Fill positive things around you..  Example: having a clean surrounding is one of the most important.. this was one of the things i struggle with.. I know it doesn't sound relate. But it kinda is. Cause your surroundings affect the person you are. So clean surrounding = to happy kid ! hahaa.. 

3 things: Food intake, exercise weekly, and having a positive surrounding.
I know it sounds simple, but slowly adopt your habits. Do research and whats good for your body. 
like I drink Lemon and ginger water every morning, it was difficult at first but afterwards it became a habit. Do something daily that you can adopt as a habit. Just do something for yourself, something that benefits you, it might be difficult initially.. but i tell you it is worth it!

(Whatever i have written above, it really depends on individuals.. so i hope my experience have helped you in any way! Cheers ~)

Btw, here is the address for the Sukyo Mahikari Center in Kuala Lumpur:

36, Jalan Vivekananda, Brickfields, 
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2272 5550

Feel free to call if you can't find the place. :D


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