Wednesday, 10 December 2014

TBC Cafe, Kota Kemuning

Well, was in the mood for coffee. So i taught of posting this post, with a cafe review.. I'm sure most of you have heard of TBC cafe before.. and been there alos. But i've been baking and supplying to cafes recently, so knowing about cafes is kinda one of my hobby already. haha.. 
It's amazing to see so many new and uniquely furnish cafes around KL & selangor. and this is definitely of the cafes you should visit.. 
There have this amazing monochrome layout with is one of the highlights of the cafe and better yet, they serve PORK ! haha... Chinese wonderland ! hahahaha.. 

Yes, going cray cray snapping non-stop of pictures with the layout.. cause imma instagram freak XD.. haha.. it's like an addiction really, once you start hopping you can never stop ! 

Their menu is nicely written with chalk on their walls so is easy to see.. of cause there are other items on their menu besides Big breakfast, but it's a must have ! that's the reason why it's on the board.. haha.. and of cause their coffee..

 Porky Big Breakfast ! YUMMMMMSS!
(reason to slim down tmr.. haha)

 It's one of their Shroom sandwiches.. haha, i forgot the name.. LOL..

& not forgetting my flat white... <3
(coffee art is surpb !)

one of those instagram friendly pictures.. haha.. 

Will definetly recommend you to come to this cafe, besides having great food the interior is amazing.. and the staff are quite friendly.. (haha, at least he didn't gave me the judgy look when i started walking around with my coffee to talk nice shots.. like orang gila.. )

Say hello to my cafe hopper kaki.. haha..
(pss, she takes amazing shots.. well, for me of cause !)

That's all for tonight, good nights!

TBC Cafe
2-39-1, Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla Sinaran Kota 1, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
(something to take note, i had trouble finding this place, when you get to where ever waze bring you to Persianran Anggerik, just re-waze searching TBC cafe and it will be you there.. *wink happy hopping !) 

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