Monday, 16 November 2015

Reflection in the mirror

Hello, monday. The usual monday, that starts so slow and lethargic.. Well, monday for me seems like the same, didn't have any off day over the weekends had class so was pretty packed. . But it was super fruitful, because it was a pastry forum which many famous chefs from all over came to had classes in our academy, and got to absorb so much knowledge from them.  It was a pretty good weekend after all..

Ah, but i'm here now thinking as i'm typing these long and nonsensical thoughts of mine. (i'm sorry to disappoint you if you taught this was some awesome post.. it's really not!)
Just curious to know if anyone has ever felt like their body is stuck in the present, but mentally is always in the future. I always feel time is so limited, time passes so fast these days. It's like i have 101 things to do but i never really get it done. (maybe i'm just so freaking unorganized!) But time is passing so fast and its almost end of the year.. 2016 is well on its way.

& then it got me thinking.. (which i'm an expert at, if there is a degree for worrying and over-thinking things i would differently ace it !) of the future. and my plans. and my goals and of cause non-relevant BS in my life.  Seriously, this year is such an eye-opener for me. I notice so much of myself and how much i have been lacking.

You know how people say you're blinded when your in a relationship?  (say yes, even if you haven't heard the saying before! =.=) HAHA!

But it's true, officially being single for almost 9 months after 7 years.
I mean it's scary at first, and it doesn't get better...
months after months, you probably feel that loneliness creeping on you especially when you're all alone..
Not the most pleasant feeling, but on top of that life just gets crapper and crapper cause when you're a ball of negative emotions you probably attract exactly the same shit !
But like how when everything bad is not always bad and not everything good is always good. (get it ? )

Through this 9 months, i got to understand myself a little better than the past 21 years of my life. (don't ask what is it, i'm not going to tell you obviously.. self refection is to kept to oneself!)
But i mean i finally have that time to reflect on myself and what is important in my life and where i stand rather than moving into the motions...
It's been so emotional and frustrating most of the time when you hit a wall, & i tell myself to care less but whenever this happens, i find myself back to square one when i'm like rock bottom and i really just want to curl up in a ball and draw circles on the floor.
Because i think rather than facing the problem i tend to just ignore and dodge it!
But i guess it just life ? you learn as much as you can and filter out things that don't matter. right ?

It's so weird how being in a different status in life makes you change so much on how you think. I can really say i'm not the same person i was in 2014. (i really hope the change is for the best!)
Exciting things to come i hope. end of the year and  it's time to pull out that record book and see my progress in my resolutions. and to start planning for the new year goal !
Blabbing things on my blog cause it gives me some chance to express and distress myself in my own way, cause i have no one to talk to except this monitor in front of me.. ! (haha, sad but true !)
Reminding myself constantly to live in the moment, and learn to enjoy the good and bad days because it will only happen today no other days..

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ko Skincare Specialist Skincare Review (Part 3)

Hello, Hope everyone is feeling good and well.. Just wanted to continue my blog post with the few products continuing from KO Skincare Specialist Skin care collection.. 
It has been helping to enrich my skin and hydrates it ! Really love their product and it really helps to whiten my freckles as well.. :D

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Block Plus Skin Perfecting Cream with SPF 80 PA+++ 30g RM380
Among all products this is one of my favorite !! If it's me, i will definitely recommend this cream to everyone. This product is so amazing, it's my sunblock, my moisturizer, my foundation ! it fulfills so many of my needs in a skincare! The coverage for this product is really good, sometimes i don't even need to put any extra foundation. & the plus point of it all that it have 80 PA+++ very good for my freckles problem. It is so enriched with antioxidants to help rejuvenate my skin. it will help to reduce pigmentation, smooths our wrinkles and at the same time help to control sebum production. B esides that, it is Alcohol free. Safe to use even after facial treatment.
It contains, sacha inchi oil, enantia chlorantha bark extract, oleanolic acid, aloe extract, licorice root extract, chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, centella extract, green tea extract, Chinese skullcap extract.

How i use it:
I apply it like using a foundation. After i moisturize my face i will use this as my makeup base. :DD apply it over your face and with a sponge apply in a downward and outward strokes.

Ko Dermacare Intensive Whitening Masque 6pcs/box RM330
This masks helps to repair dull and damage skin (which i have) and will give you a bright and fairer youthful glow to your skin. :D Love it when you finish your mask and it gives you that immediate effect ! haha.. It contains, ginko biloba extract, cucumber extract, aloe extract, algae extract, ginseng root extract.

How I use it :
Normally i use it once or twice weekly after i cleans my face.

KO Series Acne Therapy Solutions Clarifying Treatment Gel 20gm RM99
This product is like a treatment for me when i have break-outs. It is soothing to my skin as compare to benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid helps to reduce redness and eliminates acne-inducing bacteria.
It helps with the your skin oil and anti-flammatory. I normally use it whenever i need it and it helps me save on having to buy a new set of products. This product contains, eucalyptus leaf oil, evening primrose oil, pot marigold extract, algae extract, gromwell root extract, melia azadirachta leaf extract, jujube extract, vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract, artichoke leaf extract, salicylic acid, alcohol

How i use it :
Apply it the gel on T-zone and chin after cleansing my face and then i continue with my normal skincare routine. FYI: if you have any allergic reaction, stop using and consult a dermatologist.

Now you are able to buy Dr.KO skin Specialist products online too 

& to celebrate the opening of the E-store, there are some promotion that you might be interested!! Which will be from 20 july - 20 August 2015:
  • 20% storewide discount
  • 50% discount on Ko Series
  •  Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr. Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find 
the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is 
valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

Google Play 

Apple App Store

Dr. Ko Skin Specialist headquarters
Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,

Tel: 03 3343 3140

Telephone: 1-800-22-33-22

Monday, 5 October 2015

What makes Passion ? (FHM 2015, KLCC)

Starting this post with another BIG SMILE.. haha. I'm sorry, but i'm not at my best at the moment.. This was such a random shot, i was not prepare.. and i'm still deciding whether i regret keeping this, but this was the only picture i took during our preparing session. Despite me looking like crap (which i get that comment quite often lately..) but i was really enjoying myself..   :D

So let's start this post.. SO WHAT MAKES PASSION
I guess no one can really answer that question, it's a feeling ? rush of excitement when you see it? pure happiness? urge of perfection ? hmm, who knows.. maybe some, maybe all.. 
Having a passion is one thing, and how far are you willing to push yourself for this passion ? that is another i guess.. (saying it as if i'm some passion-guru! WTF!)  
I love love LOVE seeing people with passion work, whether is pastry, showpieces, chemistry, workout, designing, or whatever you can think of.. It turns me on when you can see someone is so passionate about something and they have that drive to perfect it ! 
That fire and urge, gives me so much excitement that i want to have that drive and fire as well..  
I have never in my 22 years of life felt so much excitement and urge of learning,- until now. 

But in life, "Good things don't come free, & free things don't come good"..  So if you are not willing to sacrifice, don't expect anything to be produce. Passion is like your body, workout often enough you will look extremely HOT.. (sexy=hot) haha.. Don't, and that 6 pack turns into 1!  (talking about that, i better start working out too.. gained so much recently T.T)

So... what needs to be sacrifice ? Only thing at my age, is time and labour.  

I had this amazing opportunity to be able to assist (a.k.a Slave!...haha, we joke about it quite often!) , Chef Peter Gyorgyicsek ! ( who is one of the most creative minded person i've met.. )
I have totally disappear from my social life and totally dedicated it into coming to my academy to build this Cyber Baby ! 
Many many many people have ask me out & i have declined, I have missed out family time with my dad and put my monthly youth activities on hold.
(it was only 3 months ! can you imagine people who have given up their time for years...)
Don't get me wrong i'm not complaining, I love the work and being slightly stress.. it gives me less time to be useless.. Which i hate to feel (when you're useless, your stupid brain tends to wonder... i mean my stupid brain.)

Staying back after class until 10pm from Monday - Friday.. Coming in on every weekends and public Holidays.. 
One of the few reasons which gave me this drive to come as often to help, was that passion in Chef Peter as well. Similarly, he spend most of his waking time thinking about this showpiece and how to improve it and make it more interesting.. He hardly have time for his family and he hardly have any sleep. It's like his brain is only on that showpiece.. 
Me without any commitment shouldn't be complaining as much, cause his putting in twice the effort and i can really tell he feels really guilty not spending time with his family. 
So i guess, having that in mind it gave me more enthusiasm to assist him as best of my ability ( which sometimes my ability is to screw things up.. countless time i have made mistakes.. T.T)  

So for those of you who are wondering.. What was my time spend on ?  (i know i know, you saw the showpiece already on facebook.. just entertain me and scroll down to see the pictures.. !)

So once a upon a time, i chocolate boob appear into thin air ! XD 

HAHAHA! no la... This was the very first sculpting. Which was the basis of the whole showpiece. This was done at the very beginning with the help from his previous assistant Karina ( which is a totally brilliant senior of mine, who have been assisting Chef Peter previously and done such great work.. Really salute her and look up to her.. ) Before she left to start working, she gave us tips and advice on what to look out for with chocolate.. 

Hand molding and crafting everything from scratch. 

 Small Components which was super unique and individual piece on it's own!!
 (super cool right.. it's super amazing, But seriously it is such a tedious job.. requires time and much effort and a good set of eyes.. )

 Making the base and stand for the cyber lady. 
(bear in mind this is all chocolate sprayed in coloured Cocoa butter)

This is one of my favorite component , The Brain !

Flower 101. Yes this was the prototype. Which we then made another 3 more and failed and made another 4 more.. HAHA! 
This is one of the most toughest job ever, cause of that little string behind it. Every single petal needs one. So mass production is required ! 
I swear to God, i have spend several days coming to do only this job. rolling out long pieces of Chocolate plastic just to make tens of hundreds of these.. It's freaking crazy !

Progressing as the weeks pass..

The spraying is done.. <33333

Slowly step by step the gears and parts are coming together, We can't afford any mistake because there was only one body and only so few time left. 

 Doesn't it look so realistic ! O.O And best part, it's all Chocolate !

 having her skull fitted.. 

But first, she needs a prefect set of brain, gold, silver and see through brain .. HAHA!

Slowly it is coming together and we are up to our last few weeks before the competition. 

The cyber hand that was created over the weekend and public holiday, we only needed one, but the other one was for back-up.. So playing around the the colour, we decided that the best was it to have an ombre grey and chocolate.. Which looks pretty awesome ! 

Looking for the best position for the mirror..

sticking her final touches before we started packing for the competition.. 

Tired, but he still can pose ! =.='

On the eve of the competition, we had to pack everything and be there at by 2am ! Yeap, 2 freaking A.M! Up until this point, your body and brain is running on strains of food we ate last year.. ! We were mostly tired and just waiting to arrive to KLCC.. 
All three of us who was assisting were all prepared and made sure everything falls into place. 

All contestant had almost 4 hours to prepare until 7a.m to be done with their showpiece.  Because of the transporting, we had to transport it component by component and assemble it there.. In this 3 months, transporting was by far the hardest and most difficult task.. carrying shit ton of chocolate and making sure it all sits in nicely without damaging any.. OMG, even tho my car was not carrying the main showpiece, i was scared like hell.. ! 

But of cause, all that nightmare was left behind the minute Chef Peter started assembling.. Well, because of the adrenaline rush, tired & sleepiness was not in slight. 
The showpiece turn out really good and was even more impressive than i imagined !

I guess all that hard work paid off, Cause Chef Peter WON GOLD medal! :D
(I'm so happy i could just sleep ! HAHAHA !)

I really had so much fun with Kiew and Hillary who was also assisting Chef Peter. Who put the equal efforts in to making this success happen. Ups and downs in the kitchen with these girls made our bond grew stronger ! haha.. 

Having to spend so much time in my academy for the pass few months, other Chefs who were in our Academy was putting in the same amount of time and effort to perfect their showpieces, live preparation, dessert setup and etc.. 
So the Academy was filled with crazy emotions! Ups and downs, but every time when we came in to the Academy, i could tell that every single one of the chefs was doing their utmost best to improve their product.. 

One of which was Chef Lawrence, who did this amazing Japanese God showpiece which was freaking amazing.. Got six packs okay this god ! *drooling HAHA! It's so detailed, from the bottom to top.. the lava and the God sculpture was so define.  To be frank,  this is crazy ar ! 

& of cause Batman & robin ! HAHA!

Chef Tan & Chef Ottoman, who i often see them coming to do their life practices. 
It always gets better each time they come in to practice ! 
Some of their assistants are my classmates, so similarly, they are working very hard to assist their chefs.. when we come to class, you can see that dead zombie look !  (like we have not been sleeping for millions of years..!)  
Btw, Baby fairy and Pinocchio was really amazing ! <33  

(PS: pictures are credited to Facebook, sorry if i took it without asking  !  hehe!) 

Of cause we have chefs who are competing in petite gateaux category.. 

This was Chef Lim dessert set up which was amazing. Like all chefs he was also spending alot of time in the academy perfecting his product non-stop. <3 Really love the setup but too bad i couldn't try his masterpiece! Hopefully next time i'm able to produce products like his.. !

And last but not least, the Poster boy of our academy Chef Angelo.. haha. His super cute and pretty Sakura themed dessert setup ! He is by far the most visible improvement we have seen, from a being a full time baker, he had to produce pastries like this.. 
Despite it all, the amount of effort and patience Chef Angelo has put into his product was really tremendous ! & his assistant, Asmaa, who work equally hard and she really has that ability to be super cheerful everytime i see her ! ( it's amazing how she can fuel her happiness , even though she was as tired as i was.. I really look up to her ! one of those role model... *wink )

It's seriously amazing and i feel so honored to be able to learn from such great pastry chefs ! Their work is amazing and it gives younger generation youths that ability to dream big with their passion. Having to be an assistant, gave me so much different knowledge of chocolate and really open up my mind on how much creative work can be done by a pastry chef.. it's limitless !

Enough said. Hope that maybe this inspiring post can give you more enthusiasm in your field (and to me as well) and whatever your passion is, give more care and attention, i'm sure your hard work will flourish into something beautiful one day !  Cheers.. (have to hit the sack now, having assessment tmwr! )

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Australia Trip 2015 (Adelaide & Sydney)

BIG SMILES EVERYONE ! haha.. Finally being able to update my blog on some fun and travelling.. It's been so long since i travel and travelling as a family. I had such an amazing time in Australia this time around i really thought i should just blog about it to express my happiness.
Cause i visited Australia when i was 8 and it was so much sight see-ing, i kinda wasn't too fond off going back to visit.. But this time was really amazing and being slightly older you get to appreciate the sight seeing. haha.. OLD!!

Firstly, we flew straight to Adelaide for this big boy who my dad is super proud of ! Our big Jr. Lau is finally having his convocation and that was the main reason for us flying down to kangaroo land.
I heard from many who came to Australia, always complaint how Adelaide is small suburb area..  But for such a small city, it has almost everything here.. shopping, clubs, zoo, etc... haha. (so i'm not complaining..)  But i mean i was only there for 2 days and one night..

At the same time, it was my brother's birthday as well. (which he was so busy, he forgotten all about it.) Too bad i didn't have an equipped kitchen, if not i will probably bake something nice. haha.. Oh well.. So we got a gluten-free orange cake, (because my aunt was allergic to gluten..) it was really nice.. super moist and yummy. 
Well, happy birthday ZHI SUNG.. Act old and mature with others, and be that childish kid when you're with me so we can bully Keryi ! haha.. 

All suited up for his big day ! :D

Family picture
(Mummy will be proud of you.. ;) )

My dad's proud look ! XD 

& my sister had some friends in Adelaide, and they wanted to go clubbing and ask my sis. So i tagged along.. Which i was actually quite reluctant at first.. but i guess i had quite an awesome time.. The club was huge, for such a small town. & it was filled with ang mo*, it's just so new to me to be in the same room filled with white people.. haha.. 


After having to spend 2 days in Adelaide, we flew to Sydney to meet up with our cousins and aunt. The weather in Adelaide was freaking cold, but when we came to Sydney was slightly better, during the day with the sun was pretty good, but only at night was slightly chilly.. But weather was really nice and relaxing.. You don't sweat at all, so sometimes i'm quite lazy to shower... hehe.. 

Actually to tell you the truth, coming to Australia, i had in mind to relax because i was constantly so caught up with my academy.. half the time i was falling asleep.. I slept every chance i could. 
We were travelling in the car most of the time.. and no matter how packed the car was, i could just knock out almost immediately. 

Some of the nights when we at Sydney we had take-outs or our cousin would cook some food for us. I'm so amaze how fresh their food are.. and how amazing their grocery marts were. I mean get me a grocery mart for my birthday! PLEASE.. i seriously could just die in their supermarkets.. If you earn their currency, food is not really expensive if home-cooked.

LOOK at that size of the strawberry! is huge and surprising super sweet ! DELICIOUS!

Sydney Fish Market 

So our aunt ask us where we wanted to go and wanted to eat?  And i have always hear ppl who travel to Australia saying to visit Sydney Fish Market.. well, because it have the best and freshest seafood. Which even my cousins and aunt agree they have the freshest ones..

They have such a wide selection of great seafoods.. it all looks super super fresh.. and even people who were selling it were super friendly.. Fisherman were from Medan, and they were really chatty cause they saw another asian.. XD  haha.. But they spoke really fluent English, and they started speaking Bahasa with me, thank god i knew my basics.. HAHA! or not it would be pretty embarrassing ..

Food is served.. Super fresh and yummy.
When seafood is fresh, there is no need much seasoning.. and it taste awesome.. 

Bring me back to Australia.. I'm not ready to leave. T.T

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