Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bubble Gum Waxing @ Casa Tropicana

Hello, everyone.. SUPER URGENT most for those of you who wants to mow your private lawn ! HAHA!...  Read through to the end you will like the surprise i'm about to tell you.

I recently was invited to Bubble Gum Waxing new Branch in Casa Tropicana by The Butterfly Project to to have my Brazilian Waxing.
My virgin Brazilian Waxing was done by Bubble Gum as well, i think a few years back and i was pretty excited to be present again at their new launching outlet. I'm so Happy for them... I've talked to the beautician (i think they call them beautician ?  takan waxician ? No such word. or private lawn mowers ... hmmmm. HAHA!) LOL.. Sorry for my lame-ness.
But i was very satisfied giving up my virgin Brazilian waxing to them, cause they really did a good job.

Bubble Gum Waxing Experience 

Bubble Gum Wax is located at The condo called Casa Tropicana. Once you turn in, you will see a 7 eleven, it's just above it. You can't miss it. Their interior is super hipster, like some nice cafe i would visit. :D

The private rooms are nicely setup, cozy and nice ambiance for customer to relax..

All the waxing equipment are nicely laid out accordingly. For hygiene purpose, there don't reuse anything. 

Because there were quite a number of butterflies which were doing waxing & IPL, it was an express session. The lady who did mine, was really friendly and kept my mind quite occupy during the session ( which i think is quite importance.. imagine if it's super quite ... the only thing you can thing about the wax going to be pull off your bare skin... !!)  
Despite it being an express session, the beautician who did mine did a wonderful job. She made sure non was left behind, "all the grass was waxed, can smooth as a baby's bum bum" ! hahaha.. 

LOL, Sorry, no photos are taken during the session ! (please don't be silly !)

There were a few pointers to take note when doing Brazilian waxing, 
Try not to wear panty liner and apply on soothing cream to constantly keep the waxing area hydrated.

Yeap, i'm going bare down there !
Nothing to be ashamed of.. cause it's really more hygienic when it's all clean up ! :D 

Photo Session with some new and old Butterflies !

it's really so nice to be able to come to butterfly event. Being able to catch up with everyone. & also see-ing Tammy again. But i didn't manage to take a selfie with her in my camera.. It's really nice to know that everyone was doing well and good. 


Jeng Jeng Jeng.. haha.. Waiting for this le.. don't just scroll through and skip everything la..

Bubble Gum Wax @ Casa Tropicana is having a Promotion on their Brazilian Waxing for only Rm29 and Boyzilian is RM59! For those of you who are interested to try for your first time, or have been doing it monthly/weeekly you can try out Bubble Gum Waxing since it's only RM29 ! 

Don't miss your chance, Promotion valid until 31st January 2015 !

There have also another Valentine Promotion:

1 x Boyzilian and 1 x Brazilian Waxing for only RM99.
(valid until 28th February 2015)

Bubble Gum Waxing 

B-1-5 Casa Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
47410, PJ

Tel : 013-78870669
Mobile : 012-5573266

Check out their Facebook


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