Friday, 16 January 2015

Krabi Trip Part 2 (You don't need a tour guide)

Hi peepooo ! Finally decided to do my part 2 post of my long over-due Krabi trip i had with Daniel a few months back.. I did the part one of it which was about our amazing hotel.
Now want to continue it with the places i went during our trip.
Like every island it's not really big, so you don't really need a tour guide to bring you around the place. You just need to be a little more daring, to explore. (preferably with someone is as daring as you..) But if you are travelling without a budget, then no problem with the tour guide.. haha.. But you know la, we always looking for everything that is C&G ! (cheap & good. XD)


So i don't want to bore you with any unnecessary reading ! haha.. Let's cut to the chase.. 

So here is our summary of our total amount for our flight & Hotel for two. (it's not bad right?) & want to see how beautiful is our resort ?  click here

AirAsiaGO has really good offer , you can can always use that as your reference when you compare hotel or flight prices. 

The minute we arrive to Krabi, there was no transport waiting for us to the hotel, so was a really free and easy trip for us. When we landed, was about 7.45am.. So the airport was pretty dead, there were only people selling taxi and bus tickets.. 
Both of us taught we could just sit into a taxi and travel straight to the hotel.. (how much could it possibly charge us?) OMG, it was 2,700 bath. which was like RM270 for a taxi ride!  
& we just found out that it takes 4 hours from the airport to our hotel.. 
Because our check in time was only at 2pm, we decided to just sit the bus to Krabi town and walk around and take a van from there. 
The ticket to Krabi Town was only 90 bath (Rm9) , & when we arrive at Krabi town, there were actually vans waiting for us to fetch you directly to your hotel for only 400 bath (RM40) per person. 
Seriously thank god we decided to sit the bus.. or not we would have probably got cheated. 

Island Hopping

For those of you who are travelling for the first time, do be like me and worry (like mad woman) about the activities and try to book it before hand.. you will spend more and spend your time worrying over nothing. 
Cause once you arrive there, there are heaps of tour guides selling packages for their island tour. (opss, for this case you need a tour guide with the island hopping.. haha)
It was only RM100 per person, includes the trip, lunch and snorkeling equipment. 

 (puffy face of mine !)

btw, we were sitting with a boat full of whites (ang mo) 
LOL, they all thought we were local.. started speaking some retarded english slang like we couldn't understand! HAHA! the look on their face was priceless when you start replying in fluent english ! hahaha..  

I don't have a Go pro, so couldn't take many under water pictures. but it was really beautiful. But i guess it was not really clear anymore.. The snorkeling was so so..  haha.. But if it's your first time, please experience it, cause one of the island you actually have to swim under a cave (in the dark), it was pretty cool.. 

Yeap, the whites everywhere !

at the last stop, we were like super exhausted ! So lunch was served to us, (nothing fancy, rice, curry chicken and vege) so i didn't take a pic ! hahaha.. 

instead i took picture of their coke ! :D


Well, food was pretty standard.. Thai food, but the prices i would have to say was a little more pricy compare to BKK. I mean it's okay la (estimate 300-500 bath per meal for 2) 
I won't go in too much on food, cause i think it's quite normal. hahhaa.. (BKK better.. haha)


LOL. just kidding ! I can't ride. But thank god Daniel knows how to, cause we had 2 more days to spare. & we were actually told by the Tok tok driver that he was willing to offer us a guide around the island for 1,200 bath per person. 
haha, funny thing was when we ask our resort to rent a bike was only 450 bath. haha.. like seriously, it was only rm45 for two rather than rm 240 for two ! 
So if you are planning to go to Krabi, get a motor licence first! haha.. or drive a car also can la. No police one, ( just be a responsible drive ! please.. haha.)

It's not really that, we took less than an hour to travel the whole island.. haha..

We actually brought about 1k, we didn't even spend everything. Haha. SUPER SAVER wei.. 
(omg, i sound so aunty now. haha.) But i hate spending unnecessary money.. but that's just me. 
Well, hope this blog post give you some sort of things to expect if your travelling to Krabi. :D

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