Monday, 26 January 2015

MISS Paris, Coffee & Toast at PFCC Puchong

Hello my sweet sweet readers.. ! :D How is the new year so far? I hope it's start good for all of you. Well, mine was pretty good. Hope more good things to come throughout this year ! *fingerscrossed 
So I'm here today just blogging about this new posh cafe that open up at PFCC (Puchong Financial Corporate Centre) which is actually located at Bandar Puteri. It's super easy to find.

For those of you who follow me on insta, (if you haven't, go follow la XD) I'm kinda a food and coffee addict. So when Charis told us we had a review of a coffee shop, i was pretty hype up about it. Always love trying some place new and wanting to know how it stands out from the rest.. :D (this is the reason why i so hard to slim down !  haihhhhh ) But we are not going into that, we are talking about food now ! HAPPY FOOD makes me a HAPPY GIRL.. and i think you will be pretty happy after seeing what MISS have install for cafe hoppers.


Caffe Latte RM10

 As usual, i will definitely order my usual latte ! (i have to admit sometimes, i order because of the art.. But sometimes, i do need it for my caffeine fix)
Ahhh, and i was so happy getting a bear art this time.. :D so cute right ? But not only the art was good, the coffee was also pretty good.

Organic Soy Latte RM11

This drink was really unique, there is a cup of soy milk accompanied with a coffee flavored jelly. Which tasted really unique when mixed together. :)

Raspberry & Orange Smoothie RM12

OHHHH! this is a plus plus for me. I love fruits and this smoothie that Aerisk ordered ! it was really refreshing and it wasn't too sweet. So if you are not a coffee fan, their smoothie is yummy ! 


 MISS Classic Honey Toast, RM 16

Well, i hope you guys/girls are looking forward to the food post ! hehe.. Don't drool too much alright..
Shall start of with their signature Honey Toast. Which is a must try when you are at MISS. It's a Crispy toast served with Vanilla Ice cream and whip cream. I guess it's better for you to let the ice cream sit for awhile, until it's quarter melted only start eating.
Then the ice cream melts a little into it and then it will taste soft and crispy on the outside ! YUM!

 honey pouring in action ! 

Strawberry Chocolate Toast, RM19

For this toast it's pretty similar just that the chocolate is melted through into the toast so the rich chocolate flavor is infuse together in the toast. Which was pretty lovely.. having some fresh strawberries was really yummy ! 

Classic Waffle, RM16

YES! another dessert, soft warm waffles accompanied Vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and fresh strawberries ! :) it was very satisfying !

 Smoked Salmon Salad, RM18.80

A lovely fresh salad with smoked salmon. It's really refreshing, but i will have to say that the salmon is little onto the salty side. but pairing it with the fresh vege was just nice. and there is also some cubed feta inside.. which i LOVE.. :)

 Smoked Salmon Carbonara, RM18.80

Mini Toast, 
Per piece is RM5. 3 pieces is RM12, 5 pieces is RM20


On top of all the food post earlier, MISS is actually doing something really unique. You can actually purchase a COUPLE/FRIENDSHIP lock for only RM30 and you can lock the lock at MISS. & after ONE YEAR you can actually go back to collect your lock, & MISS will give you a Certificate which you can use to claim a FREE "Special Honey Toast" but it must be with the same person, same date and same venue. 

Really special thanks to MISS for the invite. Hope you will come visit this cafe.
The ambiance is really good; a good place to have a yum cha session with your kaki. :D

MISS Paris, Coffee & Toast 

Puchong Financial Corporate Centre,
47100, Puchong

Tel: 03-80663747

Facebook (click here)

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