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TATSU, Japanese Ala Carte Buffet, Intercontinental Hotel K.L

Hello hello, hope everyone is doing awesome and great. It's almost February, the CNY month. Can't wait to get my ang pau's and festive mood on. haha.. Well, just taught i blogged about a place i went to had Japanese food on Daniel's Birthday.
Well, since he didn't wanted to celebrate his birthday.. or doing anything too fancy. So i thought of bring him to a atas place since we have been so busy with everything we never really got to enjoy. haha..

Tatsu has a really nice and cosy layout.. The environment and ambiance was really nice. Was really prefect for us, cause we really like being able to sit and chat without too much noise disturbing us.. So this was prefect. Maybe cause there weren't alot of people on that day too.. haha.. (it was just us and another couple..)
They actually serve about to 118 different types of dishes. But we didn't manage to try everything.. haha.. no space in our tummy la..

Some lame shots of us, while we were waiting for our food being serve to us.. haha.. We were just admiring the service apartment next door, and how people can afford such luxury apartments.. (like seriously, those service apartments look like hotels, must cost a BOMB!)


 Smoked Wild Duck

 Marinated Jelly Fish

 Must order at every japanese place 
Sashimi Platter 

It was pretty good, but i didn't really like the yellow tail and the squid. The yellow tail didn't seem too fresh so it had this fishy taste that i didn't really enjoy and the squid is a little on the hard side.. But it might be the original taste, not too sure how to enjoy it tho.. But as usual, the salmon, butter fish and tuna was pretty good. 

 Seaweed Salad
This was quite nice, refreshing appetizer to start off our fattening journey. haha.. 

 Unagi Kabayaki

This grilled eel was really good, although it was a little on the salty side. But the tenderness was just nice.. YUM! & you can actually find Unagi in Japanese Buffet, only in atas places like this.. hehe..

 Unagi Tempura 

Teppanyaki Cod

YEAP, they serve Cod fish here too.. well, maybe Cod is abit overated. But this dish was very nice, it was cripsy on the inside and soft and flaky on the inside ... 

 California Roll 

 Katsu Don (deep fried chicken)

 Teppanyaki Scallop

 Chawan mushi 

 Unagi with Egg Sauce

Quite a unique dish. First time trying unagi soaked in egg sauce. It was not bad actually, but i think unagi is better off grilled. cause soaking in sauce made the texture of the fish abit soggy.. but the taste was not bad.. 

 Dobinmushi (Clear soup served in a Tea Pot)

I actually did some research of this place before coming, so i actually saw many bloggers actually ordering this.. haha.. So i thought it was a must try.. Well, hmmmmm.. It was just clear soup.. Nothing fancy.. haha.. But the fact that they served it in a pot made it fancy..

 Cold soba..

Opss, sorry, but i actually wanted to show the picture of that fried dish in front of Daniel. Which i forgot to take a close up shot.. MUST ORDER DISH !! It's called Tori Katsu (fried chicken with bread crumbs) must try dish with the COLD SOBA !
Tori katsu is so perfectly fried, it's so cripsy on the outside and inside is still so moist and tender. ( its not dry.. at all !) Daniel liked it so much, we actually ordered 3 servings.. haha..

Even though the cold soba is a simple dish, but the soba inside that light soy sauce was really good. and was match perfectly with the Tori Katsu ! :D 

 how to eat your SOBA ! hahahha.. 

3 types of mini rice ball

of all the dishes, this was the least favorite.. We didn't order any sushi cause we taught we don't want to eat any rice.. haha! (avoid being full too fast..) But when we decided to order this, it was a bit disappointing..  cause the rice was really dry and the filing was really little.. 


Dessert is not an option ! haha... Having Black sesame, green tea and vanilla ice cream. My favorite was the Black sesame, because it was really rich and the sesame taste was very strong... But daniel liked the green tea better cause of the milky taste gave the green tea the extra flavor..

* & a little note, i was a bit disappointed that they charged for GREEN TEA ! ! Shouldn't it be included.. it's a buffet right?  I mean it's only hot green tea.. 

Happy birthday my love. Hope that this celebration was a good one, even though we didn't did anything too fancy.. Hope lunch was good, and 22nd year will be a good one for both of us ! Happy Birthday again ! <3

TATSU ALA CARTE Buffet (Price RM118++)

InterContinental KL
165, Jalan Ampang 
50450, K.L

Tel: 03-27826000

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