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7 Day Detox to get you started (GM Diet)

I'm alive I'm alive. I know i've been off the radar for so long. Can't remember the last time typing out a review and attending events. I've been so caught up with my personal stuff and i let procrastination get to me. Just got back from China and house is under renovation for almost 2 weeks. (which is killing me because no WIFI at home. T.T) My phone data used up so quickly..  You can tell i haven't been so active socially, when i start reusing back old pictures.. HAHA!

Just wanted to write about my experience going though a GM Diet. (your probably, opening another tab to google search what is GM Diet.. please do, cause not going to explain it here...)
I was feeling really bloated recently, after gaining almost 5 kg cause neglecting my consistent healthy eating and i constantly snacking on sweet treats..
Because of that i result in exercising less as well.. YES, say bye bye to my healthy body la.
So i did many research to restart my diet plan, i was mainly aiming to find a detox program for 3-7 days to kick start my diet plan..
Many other options for detox came out when i did my research, but this one was the best suited one.
It's really easy for you to get the ingredients for your detox and it's really a dummy guide for detox. (like some detox plan, you might require some ingredients hard to find or very expensive in Malaysia then you are less lightly to finish the detox..) So i strongly recommend this plan cause it's super simple and with much WILL-POWER, achieving this 7 day Detox program would be a piece of cake.

I'm just blogging about my personal experience.. (maybe after finishing your 7 days you can let me know your result)

Let's Get Started !

DAY 1 (Fruits DAY. except Banana)

All types of Fruits, except Banana.
Water only, no fruit juice.

You can go to a fruits frenzy ! go to your local supermarket, morning market spend all your time at the fruits section picking out fruits you have been craving.. in the guide says except banana but i think in Malaysia it also includes Durian ! haha.. 
Apparently, the best fruits you can consume is from melon fruits family (watermelon, honey dew, etc) Cause it contains a whole lot of water which will keep you full and also the fructose in the melon will provide you will energy for the whole day. :D

Even with fruits, if you're discipline. it's good for you to do some research on fruits your going to buy. Of cause the main aim is to lose weight, so try to always pick the lower calorie fruits.. like apple or berries.. 

FYI: you can have unlimited amounts of fruits !

Day 2 (Vege DAY)

All types of Vegetables 
Water only, no fruit juice.

and if you think the first day was hard. Today will be the longest day in your life ! So keep having that will-power in your mind. You will really need it for today.

You're entitle to have 1 baked or steam potato (i suggest sweet potato it taste better and will last you longer..)
The same thing applies today, you can have unlimited amount of vege

Day 3 (Fruits & Vege Day)

All types of Fruits & Vege (No Banana & Potatoes)
Water only, no fruit juice

Today is better. Make yourself a nice vege and fruits plater.. & indulge a little with some mango and kiwi. haha..
By today, you will be pooping smoothly ! Yes, poops will be floating in your bowl ! XD haha.. (sorry to be disgusting.. )

Day 4 

Banana (as many as you can.. but i guess recommended 9-10)
GM soup *Click here for recipe
Water only, no fruit juice

You can choose to follow the recipe to make the GM soup. But i modify mine a little cause i didn't had some of the vege. & i was to lazy to saute it so i just throw everything inside to boil. For about 2 hours plus. It should be done. I made a big pot so it lasted me the whole day.

Well, I taught i will be happy eating bananas, but up to my 3-4th one i was a bit gilat.. haha.
The GM soup made the day more easier, cause it was something warm for the tummy. :D  By today your pee color should be clear like water..

Day 5 

Lean Meat
Water only, no fruit juice

I bought quite a lot of tomatoes, apparently it helps with you with losing weight. haha.. But for this day i sort of cheated a bit. I made salad with lean chicken. Cause tomatoes were so plain on its own. Well, i guess i was still in the diet guide.. haha..
Try not to have too much meat on your plate, cause you don't want to over work your body with to much meat intake. remember it's detox.. We are trying to clean your body..

Day 6

Lean Meat
GM Soup
Plenty of Veges
Water only, no fruit juice

You can start slowly get your body use to normal eating but try not to eat too big portions one short. So No fruits on day 5 & 6 cause you want to remove any trace of fructose before the 7th day.

Day 7

You can start incorporating brown rice, fruit juice and plenty of vege. 

But the end of this detox, it will be quite noticeable you have a flatter tummy. So then you can start your own healthy diet.  (eg: no process/fast food, eating less portion but more meals, etc..)

*Note: It will be a long day, and you will start to feel your cravings. But keep yourself occupy with work or whatever that is you do. & always prepare some fruits on hand for snacks if possible. if not you will start snacking on other food.

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After this long week, haha.. I went to China for 1 week and gained back some weight ! (i know what's the point right .. ) But surprisingly when i came back and eating back my normal food i easily lost that extra weight i put on.

One of the few reason i choose this detox, because it's flexible with the option of food. So it's quite easy to get the food from our local markets. and it's not very expensive, and on top of that we don't have to purchase any sort of slimming product or detox tea to do this..

& it really works, i going to do it again next week. If you struggle on how to start your diet plan or weight lost program, just start doing this for the first week and then only start your own diet..
You can do as many times as you want. :D

This whole post is solely on my own experience so i hope it works for you and you will be able to start your healthy lifestyle. 
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