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MedLite C6 Laser Treatment by Dr. Jasmine Ruth, Mediviron UOA Clinic

Hello, everyone. Currently down with food poisoning.. puke my guts out last night. Was suppose to attend a food review today. unfortunately i will need to stay home on a sunday ! But putting aside my disgusting puking stories, since i'm home bound i taught i catch up on some blogging and I'm super excited to share with everyone on my experience at Mediviron, Wisma UOA.

Early this month, I visited Mediviron at Wisma UOA to get a consultation on what procedures should i do to improve my skin complexion. As those who know me, i don't have any acne problems but i have lots of freckles. I know some people might say is a good thing and might think it gives me character, but it's sometimes quite hard to achieve that prefect skin when your applying on your makeup.
& i'm really really want to achieve that flawless skin. For those of you who have the same problem (who have freckles and pigmentation) you will understand. Sometimes, i even get people telling me i have pigeon shit on my face ! WTF..  ==
So you can kinda understand why i want to remove it..

So i came to Mediviron to seek for help on how to achieve that flawless skin. I did my first consulation and Doctor Jasmin (above pic) saw my face and she notice my freckles and told me i should do the MedLite C6 Laser Treatment. First time seeing Dr. Jasmin, I was super envious of her super flawless skin ! I would die to get her skin, it's so smooth and radiant !
& she's super nice and friendly. When she consulted me, and explain what treatment is suitable for me, she explain in details of the treatment and what are the things i should expect.
So it gives me some preparation on what to expect. Which i think is really good. Because sometimes, doctors don't explain in detail and you can't expect anything until after the procedure.

MedLite C6 Laser Treatment


Remove Pigmentation, dark acne scar & melasma
Remove Birthmarks, cafe-au-lait spots & Nevus of Ota
Makes skin tone more even
Refine pores
Reduce fine lines
Stimulate collagen regeneratin
Restore youthful looks
Tattoo removal


  • Red spots on face (like mosquitoes bites)
  • It takes 7-10 days to recover
  • Use sunblock every 2-3 hours.

Mediviron, Wisma UOA

 Super comfortable waiting area for customers.. :D

One of the many rooms in Mediviron. From the outside might seem small but once your inside it's actually pretty big.

Laser treatment

After my consultation, i came back a week later to proceed with the treatment. i came in and straight away they started prepping me for my treatment. They applied a numbing cream, to help to decrease feeling throughout the treatment. Which the doctor says is just precaution, actually the treatment is not really painful. But is hard to judge each person's pain tolerance so numbing cream is just a precaution. So that everyone gets a more painless process..

Removing my numbing cream a few minutes before the treatment.

After removing the numbing cream, Dr. Jasmin came in to start the laser treatment. The whole treatment was only about 30 mins. & it was painless, i couldn't feel anything. Probably because of the numbing cream.

During my consultation, Dr. Jasmin have already warned me of the red spots on my face. Mine was quite a lot, because i had a lot of freckles on my face. You see all the red spots are my freckles..
SUPER a lot right ! But it's a comforting taught that it will be better within 7-10 days.

This is 3 days after, i know it seems quite bad. But it's actually recovering much better now. It's no more red and have become dark spots and soon enough it will drop off.. But within that week i still had to do my normal activities so i just had to put sunblock and go out. Everyone was actually like asking me about my skin. Because i have never had skin problem before, it's really funny when some people can't focus when they are talking to me because of my skin.. well, it doesn't disturb me because it's only for a week. & then i will have my beautiful skin ! haha..

This is on the 5th day, you can still see minor spots but it's almost all gone. :D

& this is the 7th day, so mine took less than 10 days to recover. Sorry for the thick eye bag. i just started class, haven't get use to the early mornings yet. But my skin is looking smooth and radiant. I only applied sunblock to my skin. ! Isn't it amazing.
My skin is almost close to freckles free after only doing this treatment once.

Will be having my next visit soon in May. Will probably update my blog again on my next treatment. so stay tune.

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Mediviron Clinic
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Wisma UOA II, 
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50450, K.L

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