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Ko Skincare Specialist Review

Hello hello, Oh, how i miss my blogging.. Yes i'm back and ready to start sharing. Did some visiting at Dr.Ko previously and wanted to share some amazing stuff with you. Like every girl, we want to achieve that silky smooth skin which is radiant from the inside.. (sometimes is really hard to get!) usually cause we have to look for the specific product that is suitable to our skin, and not every product we try will definitely work for us.. So looking for a good skin that suits your face is like a treasure hunt. (an expensive one too i might add).. but i think is still a good investment.

So just to begin, I visited one of the many Dr. KO clinic which was located in 10 boulevard (nearby Damansara Uptown).

I met up with the Doctor and she gave me a full consultation. Basically she looks and my skin, and try to detect the problem which i have and give me the remedy for my problematic face.. XD
Which i think is much better than buying your skincare without consulting someone. With a consultation, you are able to get a better understanding of your face and what are the problems that you don't realize and the Doctor does.

Did you know ?

The founder of Dr. Ko Skin Specialist – Dr Ko Chung Beng, spent 17 years in UK and obtained his
specialist qualifications prior to his return to Malaysia in 1994. He headed the Dermatology
Department of Seremban Hospital until 1997, then founded the KO Skin Specialist which has since
been providing a comprehensive range of in-depth services from dermatology to cosmetic surgery.

When he first started out on his own in 1997, KO Skin Specialist was just a little clinic in Klang,
located on the first floor of a shop lot. However the effectiveness of his prescriptions soon spread
and today, that little clinic is now the headquarters for the 26 clinics of KO Skin Specialist centres
across Malaysia. KO Skin Specialist now has their very own formulation of skincare products which
are formulated by their team of professionals to combat signs of aging, acne and other skin
problems. The centres also offer the most complete range of laser therapy equipment in Asia. No
longer just a Malaysian brand, KO Skin Specialist has a branch in Xiamen, China, and will be opening more branches in the future! Impressive huh ?

Will be sharing some of the products that i got. :D

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Radiance Toner 21 120ml RM198

Prefect Radiance Toner does not contain alcohol, it's formulated with plant extracts which soothing to the skin which being able to inhibiting melanin production.
It will help with dull, tired skin; transforming it into a brighter and luminous complexion. It gives your skin an instant freshness. It is free from any alcohol, colorant and preservatives.

How do i use it:
After cleansing my face, i will spray it on my face with my eyes closed. (but for other alternative you can also use cotton pad instead of spraying)
besides that, you can spray it on your face after you apply make up if you feel your skin is slightly dry. Anytime during the day you feel dehydrated, you can use to spray your face.

Cactus pear extract, trehalose, centifolia rose extract, witch hazel extract, cucumber extract, orange flower water, raspberry fruit water, lavender essential oil.

Dermax Dermax Bio Hydro Gel 7A 50g RM280
This lovely product contains Tea tree which is infused into the hydro gel that penetrates in your skin which will give you the fresh feeling is very suitable for combination and oily skin (like mine!)

How i use it:
After cleansing and toning, apply over face and neck. Use it twice everyday.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist 65ml RM120
This is one of the products which i adore.. Because i'm always rushing, so i don't have the time to wait and slow apply products. With this mist, i'm able to just bring it along with me and spray it whenever. It helps to reduce my pimples and give that soothing sensation to my irritated skin. It helps control sebum production, reduces redness, inflammation and breakout. Can be used as a toner and to set makeup.

How I use it:
I use this mist anytime after cleansing to after putting my makeup on. anytime through the day i will use it :D

Now you are able to buy Dr.KO skin Specialist products online too 

& to celebrate the opening of the E-store, there are some promotion that you might be interested!! Which will be from 20 july - 20 August 2015:
  • 20% storewide discount
  • 50% discount on Ko Series
  •  Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr. Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find 
the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is 
valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

Google Play 

Apple App Store

Dr. Ko Skin Specialist headquarters
Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,

Tel: 03 3343 3140

Telephone: 1-800-22-33-22

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