Friday, 28 August 2015

Life in Academy of Pastry Arts !

UPDATING of my absence in my real world. haha. Gave up majority of my time into my academy and i have been busy like NON-stop having to juggle so many things but don't get me wrong i'm not complaining, i'm just busy ! haha.. And i'm sure those of you who know me it won't come to a suprise that i'm perusing this professionally now. Since all i talk about is baking! At lease now stepping through my 5th month in this wonderful academy it have taught me so much that i wanted to learn and much much more about pastry and baking in general..
Those of you who are on my facebook or instagram you can see my constantly weekly updates of my products and what i have learn. Normally i only use to dream about products like this, or only see it through pinterest or instagram. Never in my mind i could actually create in until now.. and still there is another 4 more months of learning before i'm out in the real world of pastry.. But i'm sad to say that i have gained so much weight ever since i started (OMG, the sugar intake.. will seriously last me a life time !!) hahahhaa.. but i come to terms with it, for the sake of learning.. ! (that's what i say to comfort myself late at night .... T.T)

One of my very early stages in academy where i was learning the basics of sponges and cakes with Chef Peter this Awesome Hungarian lecturer, who always calls me a chacabaca.. ( which until now i still don't know what is it, it might just be a curse word XD... hahahah!) 

Chef Peter also taught me my very first Sugar show piece, which was another eye opening class. Never heard of sugar show piece until i came to this academy. look at the rose from sugar.. ( or chef peter will call it pretty cabbage !) hahaha

(sugar apple anyone ? if this was in snow white, she would die of diabetics... )

Slightly later stage in my academy, when i got into my intermediate level, where is our first time getting expose to Chocolate show piece. & because this is like the most awesome academy, we got to learn it from one of the best chocolate sculptors in the world (ahem* i'm stroking Chef Lawrence ego now..) haha.. But to be frank, his chocolate work is seriously amazing and is seriously a privilege to be able to get knowledge from him first hand. ( & he is super patient with us ... !)

Look at my satisfied face after finishing our chocolate show piece.. I have updated my social media with pictures, and my friends will constantly ask me about the show pieces i've done and do you eat them after ! HAHAHA!... sorry guys, it's recycled chocolate (meaning is super dirty, and it have tons of colored cocoa butter on it) so we kind of dismantle it and recycle the chocolate again for the next class..

& this ultimate class which i have a Love-hate relationship with.. FONDANT ! Gum paste, pastillage and fondant.. Which got a chance to learn from the famous Chef Jess.. first day in class, i taught i kinda know some idea of this class, but nope i was wrong ! I have heard of different types of paste for fondant making.. but never really know about the function. We also got to do the gum paste and pastillage from scratch. Until now i'm still amaze, cause i only think i need to buy it. XD.. (seriously the things i know, is like a only a faction..) I still need much practice on my wedding cake skills, but hopefully this will become a more love and not hate relationship anymore.. !

look at that lovely flower band ! <3 

Presenting the poster BOY for our academy. HAHA! Chef Angelo is from the States. That amzing breakfast pastry spread ! One of the best person who can describe in detail on why and how you should make your dough.
Learning so many new and creative ways on how to make croissant and other types of breakfast pastries ! immediately, you can double the price selling bake goods like this ! HAHA..

How not to gained, look at the amount of fat goodness ! (yes, it taste heavenly right out from the oven.) 

Up level into intermediate class, making tart and torte (which mean tarts and cakes) learning it from one of the youngest Chef in our academy, Chef Otoman. Haha.. (like a superhero, maybe he watch too much superhero movies when he was young.. ) This is one of the cutest product we have made, and LOVE the deco and color contrast of the whole spread.  Thanks for making the class comical and fruitful at the same time. :D

& one of the most recent class, is Chocolate bon bon week, which was taught by Chef Chong. Don't the spread look like show room for chocolates.. never had a thing for chocolate, always taught it was just a little too hard ! But after this week, finally getting a better understanding of chocolate, (it still alot to absorb.. ) And now i know why chocolate bon bon are so freaking expensive, it takes up alot of time and effort ! Learning how to respect my product so it respects me in return ! 

But adding to that, the academy also gives a better understanding of the world of pastry life and what is like to be in a real kitchen. (but i think is probably only 10% of what is really is out there.. ) mostly i'm happy about my course because finally getting to learn what i adore for such a long time.. but on the other hand there are down times, when the kitchen gets so hectic you just want to sit at a corner and talk to the wall.. well not everything is prefect, getting a slight culture shock at first (because i'm only normally exposed to office lifestyle.. ) but i guess it builds you up and emotionally i feel slightly less weaker..(?) haha..

Signing off now, and back to my daily routine. might be dormant on my blog for quite awhile. But do follow me on instagram if you want some sugar rush. *wink... haha.

And those of you who are chasing your passion in pastry i definetly recommend you to come to this Academy. It's the best place to be and it gives you maximum exposure in all the related fields of pastry ! :D
My academy always have open day on the weekends so you should go check them out, all their info will be listed in the website. :)

Website :

Location : 
Lot 2-A, 2nd floor, wisma Thrifty,
No. 19, Jalan Barat, 46200, PJ, 
(opposite PJ Hilton) 

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