Sunday, 4 October 2015

Australia Trip 2015 (Adelaide & Sydney)

BIG SMILES EVERYONE ! haha.. Finally being able to update my blog on some fun and travelling.. It's been so long since i travel and travelling as a family. I had such an amazing time in Australia this time around i really thought i should just blog about it to express my happiness.
Cause i visited Australia when i was 8 and it was so much sight see-ing, i kinda wasn't too fond off going back to visit.. But this time was really amazing and being slightly older you get to appreciate the sight seeing. haha.. OLD!!

Firstly, we flew straight to Adelaide for this big boy who my dad is super proud of ! Our big Jr. Lau is finally having his convocation and that was the main reason for us flying down to kangaroo land.
I heard from many who came to Australia, always complaint how Adelaide is small suburb area..  But for such a small city, it has almost everything here.. shopping, clubs, zoo, etc... haha. (so i'm not complaining..)  But i mean i was only there for 2 days and one night..

At the same time, it was my brother's birthday as well. (which he was so busy, he forgotten all about it.) Too bad i didn't have an equipped kitchen, if not i will probably bake something nice. haha.. Oh well.. So we got a gluten-free orange cake, (because my aunt was allergic to gluten..) it was really nice.. super moist and yummy. 
Well, happy birthday ZHI SUNG.. Act old and mature with others, and be that childish kid when you're with me so we can bully Keryi ! haha.. 

All suited up for his big day ! :D

Family picture
(Mummy will be proud of you.. ;) )

My dad's proud look ! XD 

& my sister had some friends in Adelaide, and they wanted to go clubbing and ask my sis. So i tagged along.. Which i was actually quite reluctant at first.. but i guess i had quite an awesome time.. The club was huge, for such a small town. & it was filled with ang mo*, it's just so new to me to be in the same room filled with white people.. haha.. 


After having to spend 2 days in Adelaide, we flew to Sydney to meet up with our cousins and aunt. The weather in Adelaide was freaking cold, but when we came to Sydney was slightly better, during the day with the sun was pretty good, but only at night was slightly chilly.. But weather was really nice and relaxing.. You don't sweat at all, so sometimes i'm quite lazy to shower... hehe.. 

Actually to tell you the truth, coming to Australia, i had in mind to relax because i was constantly so caught up with my academy.. half the time i was falling asleep.. I slept every chance i could. 
We were travelling in the car most of the time.. and no matter how packed the car was, i could just knock out almost immediately. 

Some of the nights when we at Sydney we had take-outs or our cousin would cook some food for us. I'm so amaze how fresh their food are.. and how amazing their grocery marts were. I mean get me a grocery mart for my birthday! PLEASE.. i seriously could just die in their supermarkets.. If you earn their currency, food is not really expensive if home-cooked.

LOOK at that size of the strawberry! is huge and surprising super sweet ! DELICIOUS!

Sydney Fish Market 

So our aunt ask us where we wanted to go and wanted to eat?  And i have always hear ppl who travel to Australia saying to visit Sydney Fish Market.. well, because it have the best and freshest seafood. Which even my cousins and aunt agree they have the freshest ones..

They have such a wide selection of great seafoods.. it all looks super super fresh.. and even people who were selling it were super friendly.. Fisherman were from Medan, and they were really chatty cause they saw another asian.. XD  haha.. But they spoke really fluent English, and they started speaking Bahasa with me, thank god i knew my basics.. HAHA! or not it would be pretty embarrassing ..

Food is served.. Super fresh and yummy.
When seafood is fresh, there is no need much seasoning.. and it taste awesome.. 

Bring me back to Australia.. I'm not ready to leave. T.T

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