Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Airbnb in Korea (First Experience)

Hello bloggies.. I have been receiving tons of messages about my Seoul trip during and after regarding my stay with Airbnb. So i finally found the time and taught i should put up a post about it.
Sorry i took awhile posting it.
This post is for those of you planning or thinking or (...dreaming) to go Seoul, Korea. Seriously it's not that expensive.. yes, you do need to save up some money to travel (*more money more comfortable..) but because of Airbnb it helps to save that much money with accommodation.. (which usually causes a bomb !)

I still can't believe i visited Seoul.. and it was such a spontaneous trip, it feels so unreal. HAHA! But without a doubt one of the must visits countries! You know la, Kpop stuff is getting so in nowadays. Korea is like famous for so many things, their artist (OF CAUSE!...  TOP handsome-est person on earth ! XD), skincare, food, culture.. literally everything !
So if you're planning to visit anytime soon.. I hope that the below details will help you in anyway possible !


Because our trip was so spontaneous, we started searching for accommodation real late.. Looking through airbnb. My travel buddy is skilled in looking through Airbnb, because she's a travel kaki.. So she's very familiar on how to go about it.. So we did our research.. And we came across Sugar house which was hosted by DK and his cute family.
Kiew did most of the pre-contacting before we arrive.
DK guided us on how to get to the nearest bus stop from the airport and he would pick us up immediately we arrival..
Both of us weren't really prepare for the weather in Seoul.. (or maybe its just me..) Thank god DK came on time, and we quickly hop into his car.. The weather was really cold!


We came into a cozy apartment unit which was really nice. The interior was really nice and well furnished. When we arrived at their place, DK gave us a tour at his place and told us the dos/don'ts in his house..

He even prepared a whole file of places to go and how to go and what to see in Seoul. You can ask him where should you visit, and how to get there even if the location is not on the file. His really helpful and the plus point is he speaks fair bit of English, which is very hard to find in Korea. 
DK was really a great help throughout our visit ! 

Besides that.. VERY IMPORTANT note, DK supplies a portable WIFI for us to travel around during the day so we can use the internet whenever we are out. it makes uploading and updating our status so easy.. (this was one of the highlights of the stay! hahahaha..)

On top of that, he also prepared for us our transportation card, we just needed to Charge the card (with cash.. )

The Bnb actually means bed and breakfast, so every morning DK or Young (his wife) would make us some breakfast to charge us up before we head out!  They even got this super cute coffee maker from Italy (i think)..

The apartment is not far from the Subway, it's about 5 mins walking distance.. Because of the weather the walk can be quite enjoyable. (only when coming back at night.. you want to run back to the apartment because it drops to negative when sunset!!)

On the last night at Seoul, DK and Young invited both of us to have dinner together at their place which was really sweet of them. We decided to get a cake at the nearby bakery to contribute to the meal.. Just so you know, it wasn't Teo's birthday (DK's son), But no harm in celebrating it ! hahaha.. 

We had such a great stay a Sugar House. 
I would definitely recommend anyone who is visiting Seoul to stay here! 

Feel free to contact the Host and you can read through all the details on Airbnb, 
Hope you all have a good 2016 ahead! :D

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